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About www Redirect Checker

The www Redirect Checker is a tool that you can use to check redirect path of every link. It is an excellent URL redirect tracker that provides you with information about the domains where both 301 redirect codes and 302 redirect codes are leading.

Our 301 Redirect Checker is capable of tracking the redirect status of every URL redirected online. Therefore, you can monitor how many URLs of your websites are leading to different URLs. If you ever want to find redirect path of a link, you can use the www Redirect Checker tool.

You need first to open www Redirect Detector and enter a link of which you want to check the redirect path. After entering the redirect link, you need to press the 'submit' button, and in few seconds, our tool will produce the report with all the necessary information including the redirect link.

Here are few reasons why you need to track your URL:

  • You are curious and want to know know where a shortened URL is going (and you might not trust the source).
  • Because you're security oriented and you want to avoid a phishing or malware attack.

Because you're a website builder and/or marketer and want to check your links.