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About Page Size Checker

The Website Size Checker Tool informs you about the average web page size of any URL. You need to enter the URL you want to check the size of, and the Page Size Checker will calculate webpage size of that particular URL in an instant.

If you were to calculate webpage size of a domain manually, there is hardly any way in which you can estimate the page sizes. Therefore, using a Website Page Size Checker is necessary.

There are numerous reasons why you should use a Web Page Size Checker Tool, they are as follows:

When you start using our Page Size Checker Tool, you will save yourself from calculating page size of each domain manually. By entering the URL in our tool and conducting a Page Size Test, you will be able to produce results instantly. This will save both your time and your efforts which can be utilized elsewhere productively.

Running a Page Size Test in our Page Size Calculator is 100% free. There's no need to spend even a single penny for calculating the page size.

When you study the Page Size Test report and start working on decreasing your page size, your website will begin loading faster, and your bounce rate will start improving.