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About Google Index Checker

The purpose of a Google Index Checker Tool is to inform the users about the Google Index Status of a submitted URL. Several webmasters use the Site Index Checker to check if Google indexed their site or not.

They use the Site Index Checker to know about the ranking and Google indexation status of their domain and its sub-domains.

You need to enter the URL of which you want to check the Google Indexation status and click on ‘Submit’.

Google Crawler is based on an advanced algorithm that scans over your title tag, H1 tag, meta descriptions, alt tag, internal linking structure and number of quality inbound links. The Crawler also looks for organic placement of relevant keywords in the meta tags.

If you are a website owner, a webmaster, or an SEO professional, it is necessary for you to check Google index status of your domain. And when a site is not added in the Google Index, it will ultimately stop generating organic traffic.

Improving your links can also help you, you must use genuine links only. Do not go for paid link farms as they can do more harm than good to your website. Once your website has been indexed by Google, you should work hard to maintain it. You can achieve this by always updating your website so that it is always fresh and you should also make sure that you retain its relevance and authority so it will get a good position in page ranking.