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About Email Privacy

Email privacy refers to keeping emails secured, either while in transit or while they're stored in a server. The process of sending an email involves many hardware and software systems like the email clients, ISPs, and servers. The emails processed through these systems are susceptible to unauthorized attacks at various stages.

There are certain technological workarounds that make unauthorized access to email difficult, if not impossible. However, since email messages frequently cross national boundaries, and different countries have different rules and regulations governing who can access an email, email privacy are a complicated issue.

Privacy is important in now day due to hacking and tracking. In an email, we are used to making proper security of each and every mail id due to authorized access. So if you finding detail about the website just enter url and show the email used on website This tool is used to check whether there is unauthorized access and inspection of email or not. The emails can be accessed in an unauthorized way when an email is in transit or when it is stored on an email server or a device. For testing an email address that whether it is secure or not just enter the email address you want to test and hit enter. You will get the results within seconds.

If you have a website, then you must be having email accounts associated with them. These free email accounts are offered by the web hosting service provider. Now if you want to check the privacy of these website associated email accounts all you have to do is enter your website’s domain name and click on ‘Submit’ button. It will display the emails associated with the website and status of the email.

Email privacy has no guarantees if you are using a free email service and don’t take measures to protect your private information. Encryption services protect your emails as does keeping your login and password secret. If you exchange this information over any media, you shouldn’t scream if your emails are misused.