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About Code to Text Ratio Checker

Code to text ratio denotes the percentage of visual text on a particular web page. This Code to Text Ratio Checker calculates the percentage or the content ratio based on text and HTML code. This is what search engines and crawlers use to identify the relevancy of a web page.

The Code to Text Ratio is the percentage of the actual text that a particular web page has. The code refers to the HTML code that is embedded on the page; while, the text is the actual write-up on or written content on the page. Higher Text to HTML ratio indicates a better user experience.

Having a high text to code ratio will help increase the chance of your website getting a better rank in search engine results. Most search engines use the code to text ratio, so it gives you a leading advantage over your competitors and across all search engines when you have a higher text to HTML ratio on your website.

If excessive HTML code is added to a web page, it can lead to an increased loading time on a visitor’s browser. Hence, it will make the user experience unsatisfactory because most web page visitors have a very low tolerance for slow page loading speed.

This is the reason why we have developed this code to text ratio tool. It is capable of extracting text from paragraphs as well as the anchor text from HTML code on a page, and then calculates the content ratio.

According to the SEO experts, this ratio is not very important but it has its weight in the seo. So if a company wants to complete in SERP, it has to be perfect from all dimensions. Also using more code in a web page slower website loading speed, hence it is directly related to SEO.

The second Factor is the bounce rate. If you have less content in your blog post then definitely users will leave your website after just 3-4 minutes. And Bounce rate is also considered by Google while ranking a website.